What does it take to stick to a Training Schedule?

My love for running is uncomplicated. But my feelings towards running training schedules is far from that. For over a year, I have set myself the goal to run a full marathon. But despite my best attempts, I’ve not been able to stick religiously to a Marathon running regime. However enough is enough. I’ve now gone through enough draft training schedules to know what doesn’t work to adapt a routine that should. Ultimately, the hard part isn’t getting my body in shape, but getting my mind in shape. So rather than set an ambitious programme from the outset, this post outlines my *basic* weekly fitness regime for the next few months. This is designed to give me the flexibility I need to develop a routine that fits around my full-time job, and allows me to have a base to develop a more ambitious routine in time.

Last year I ran the Leeds Half Marathon and training for this was relatively straight-forward. I had thirteen weeks from the time I signed up until the race date. After a few quick searches on Google, I was able to find a running schedule that day by day set out the length of run, the type of run e.g. interval training or running at pace, the days I should take a rest, and the strength based work I should do in parallel to get in shape. Fortunately as it was during my final year in University I hardly had any lectures. This meant that I had the flexibility to train and recharge (i.e. nap) at times which suited me.

I have been determined to complete a full marathon since crossing the finish line of the Half Marathon. However I have found it increasingly difficult to have energy to train after a full day of work. So this routine is set far below my expectations of what I should be doing closer to the race date. But once I get comfortable with doing this on a weekly basis, I’ll adapt it from there.

Morning Workout Strength-based Workout  Running Practice  Gym Classes 
Core Strength Legs, Core, Arms and Back Cardio Full body
 Regularity x5 a week x2 a week
(2 sets x 15 reps)
x2 a week x3 a week
Routine Squats, Planks, Lunges, Burpees, Runner’s Fly(s), Sit-Ups, Crunches, Spider-mans and Mountain Climbers Squats, Lunges, and Side Planks with weights. Runner’s touches, Forward planks on an exercise ball, Rowing and Lat Pull Down machine Outside – Run to the station or improvised run

Treadmill – 5k run on Lv3

– Pure Abs
– Pure Bootcamp
– Pure Fat burn
 Timing 15 – 30 mins 1hr 30mins – 1hr per run 30mins – 45 mins per class

To hold myself to account I plan to record my workouts each week so that I can be honest with myself on whether this is working or not. Here’s to do doing the cha-cha-cha!


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