Time to Brace Myself. Winter is Coming.

Winter will be a true test of how committed I am to exercising. Although we’re still in Autumn, I’ve already thought once or twice about whether leaving the comfort of the warm indoors to brave the cold for a jog or even to go to the gym is a good idea. Now more than ever, remaining disciplined is going to be important. But I have to remember that if I slip up once or twice, it’s not worth beating myself up about. As long as I maintain that resting focus on what the end goal is, the chilly weather will not keep me from training! (I hope).

So I think now is also a good time to step up my training programme. I have felt very inspired by Cynthia Erivo, the Tony Award Winning Actress who successfully trained for and completed the New York City Marathon, while performing on Broadway eight times a week. This has driven me to keep pushing and suprising myself by what I can do. It’s also made me realise that if I plan to run 26.2 miles eventually, I will need to start running more than just twice a week.

In parallel to this, I’ll be shaking up my fitness reports a bit. They have been a great jump start into my new fitness regime. Not only has holding myself to account been a great source of motivation, but also the weekly posts have been a good record to help me monitor my progress. But I think  there is room for improvement.

So from now I will be posting fitness reports monthly and plan for the content to be more ‘milestone’ focussed. I also now plan to make the changes in red below to my fitness workout:

Morning Workout Strength-based Workout  Running Practice  Gym Classes 
Core Strength Legs, Core, Arms and Back Cardio Full body
 Regularity x5 a week x2 a week
(2 sets x 15 reps)
x4 a week x2 a week
Routine Squats, Planks, Lunges, Burpees, Runner’s Fly(s), Sit-Ups, Crunches, Spider-mans and Mountain Climbers Squats, Lunges, and Side Planks with weights. Runner’s touches, Forward planks on an exercise ball, Rowing and Lat Pull Down machine Outside – Run to the station or improvised runTreadmill. Increasing intensity for each  run.  Preferably
– Pure Abs
– Pure Bootcamp
– Pure Fat burn
 Timing 15 – 30 mins 1hr Increasing distance for each run. 30mins – 45 mins per class

So here’s to entering the next phase of my training programme!


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