My fascination with the German language has been a strange one. I have always had an instinctive pull to become fluent in the language since I took it up in school.

I love it above all for its simplicity and particularly how you can arrive at an understanding of most words through a knowledge of the basics. My favourite example is kühlschrank, the German word for fridge. This is a combination of the German words, kühl for cool and Schrank for cupboard and so together makes cool cupboard, which should obviously be understood as a fridge!

To date, I’ve travelled to Germany a total of seven times for school exchange programmes and also for leisure. A few of the cities I’ve visited include Berlin, Hamburg, Köln and Düsseldorf. Each experience has been wonderful and unique in it’s own way. Strangely each time I depart, I have this tugging feeling that I’ll be back one day.

I find that spending time in the country drives a greater improvement in my speaking skills than being in the class room. Unfortunately I fell out with my German Teacher during Sixth Form and so only ever took German to AS Level. But I’m determined to improve again so that one day if someone asks me:

‘Sprechen Sie Deutsch?’

I’ll be able to say ‘(Hell) JA!’