Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Presents: Best of Broadway, Royal Albert Hall  

  It was such a treat to see the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra presents the Best of Broadway; a one-night only live performance of well-known musical theatre numbers. This included some of my personal favourites such as the Circle of Life from the Lion King and Kander and Ebb’s Chicago Overture. If I were to dissect what I love most about seeing a good musical, it … Continue reading Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Presents: Best of Broadway, Royal Albert Hall  

Are you Tough Enough? – Swanbourne Endeavour 2016

On Sunday 23rd October 2016, I completed the Swanbourne Endeavour, a mud run with a variety of different obstacle challenges designed to test your endurance. I would definitely recommend this race to any adventure seekers who enjoy long distance running but also get a kick out of testing their physical limits. The race itself takes place in Swanbourne, a beautiful countryside area near Milton Keynes. The … Continue reading Are you Tough Enough? – Swanbourne Endeavour 2016

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Fitness Report – Week Five

Summary: So the eagle-eyed of you will have noticed that this week I haven’t recorded all that many Fitness Workouts. Sadly I fell ill on Tuesday and thought I would be doing more harm than good if I continued to train. In actual fact, the illness was more of an inevitability: getting little sleep, not eating well and squeezing in five workouts on Monday was … Continue reading Fitness Report – Week Five

Review: In The Heights, Kings Cross Theatre

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This show is unlike many other musicals I have seen. It is able to capture the lives of Latin American immigrants in the US by shaking up the way the medium conventionally presents a story on the stage. The score and choreography is uniquely infused with the musical stylings of salsa, hip hop and R&B. Furthermore the show takes the form… Continue reading Review: In The Heights, Kings Cross Theatre

Review: Murder Ballad, Arts Theatre London

At present, the West End Musical Theatre scene seems to be filled with either long running shows, big blockbusters for tourists or musicals adapted from films. For those seeking something a little bit different, I recommend you visit the Arts Theatre in London to see Murder Ballad. I was drawn to this musical for the chance to see the live of performances of West End legends Kerry Ellis and Ramin Karimloo. However, to my delight, the show’s original music and smart staging elevated the experience to be something much more enjoyable than I expected.

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Fitness Report – Week Three

Summary: This has been a mixed week. I’ve noticed significant improvements in my stamina and my propensity to push myself harder in gym classes. However I’ve been far more indulgent and snacking more. There isn’t necessarily a correlation between the two trends but I don’t want the trend of munching on more sugary junk to continue in parallel. Therefore I just have to be more disciplined with my eating habits and not rely on being consistently motivated to eat well.

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